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2021Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference: Over 260 Projects Negotiated For Total Investments Exceeding RMB 820 Billion


Contract negotiations for over 260 project took place

With total investments exceeding RMB 820 billion

2021 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference

Attended by Wang Weizhong, Qin Weizhong, Luo Wenzhi and Lin Jie

  The 2021 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference was held on December 15. With a theme centered on "A New Era, A New Journey. Invest in Shenzhen, Build a Winning Future", the conference was held across five continents at 12 overseas sub-venues. During the conference, Shenzhen's charm, dynamism, vibrancy and innovation were exhibited to a global audience. An invitation was extended to businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and innovators, both overseas and in the country alike, to choose, invest in and build their home in Shenzhen, to seize the opportunities for growth and development jointly, and to build a great future together. Over 260 projects were negotiated during the conference. The total investment value involved in these negotiations amounted to over RMB 820 billion.  The Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress, Luo Wenzhi and the Chairman of the City CPPCC Committee, Lin Jie attended the event. Mayor Qin Weizhong was the host of the conference while the CCP Municipal Committee Secretary Wang Weizhong, who also attended the event, delivered an address.


  On behalf of the CCP Municipal Committee and Shenzhen Municipal Government, Wang Weizhong expressed his warmest welcome to the guests as well as his sincere gratitude to public figures from all sectors of society who have shown concern and support for Shenzhen's journey towards reform, opening, innovation and development. He highlighted that 2021 is the centenary of the CPC as well as the year in which China's 14th Five-Year Plan was launched. The 2021 Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference took place as planned as the city diligently adopted and embraced the spirit that defined the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee as well as the Central Economic Work Conference. Progress over the past three years has transformed the Shenzhen Global Investment Promotion Conference into an important platform to showcase Shenzhen's high-quality development, high-quality openness and a first-rate, world-class business environment. The conference has become a calling card that boosts Shenzhen's economic competitiveness and integrated capabilities. Shenzhen is a city whose growth and success are intertwined with that of its numerous businesses and entrepreneurs. Currently, there are 3,770,000 commercial entities in the city. The city has ranked first in business density for commercial entities and startups in China for many years and has long been fertile ground for growing companies.


  Wang Weizhong highlighted that under General Secretary Xi Jinping's planning, deployment and advocacy, Shenzhen has entered a golden age that is driven and augmented by "twin regions"− the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Pilot Demonstration Area of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics. Key strategic opportunities such as "twin reforms" − to showcase and build a model city founded on the rule of law and socialism with Chinese characteristics as well as a Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with a pool of high-caliber talent and prime estate − have come knocking at Shenzhen's door. This is the chance for the city to create greater opportunities and room for development for entities across various markets. If one were to revisit the progress that Shenzhen has made and then cast our sights into the bright future that lies ahead, one shall see that Shenzhen has always been striving hard and blazing ahead throughout the course of the country's socialist market economic reform. The city never stopped galvanizing market entities into motion and has been tireless in creating an optimal business environment and supporting market entities so that they may throw themselves into the work of innovation and growth without worries. It continues to drive sustainable, high-quality development while building a bigger stage for market entities to unleash their potential.

  Wang Weizhong pointed out that when it comes to determining whether a business environment is ideal, businesses are the ones who have the final say. They are the ones who feel the impact of the business environment most keenly. Shenzhen advocates the principle of "Bringing excellent service to your doorstep when required and leaving you in peace when not" as it embarks on its endeavor to build a world-class business environment that provides the best services and protection for all market entities. In Shenzhen, one will enjoy a sense of security as their company's development is safeguarded by the law, an ease as their needs are swiftly met, and genuine warmth as sincere efforts are made to address their problems. The optimization of a business environment is always a work in progress and will never be finished. Shenzhen will be drafting and establishing regulations for overseas commercial investments as well as providing intensive support to develop 30 market entities. The city will continue to drive the consolidation and restructuring of adjacent industries and build more modern and high-quality factory buildings to better meet businesses' developmental needs.


  Wang Weizhong highlighted that innovation is the key driver of competition among businesses as well as the most important driver of development for Shenzhen. Shenzhen has spared no effort in creating a world-class environment for innovation and building an end-to-end process that links foundational research, technical breakthrough, commercialization of research findings, funding for technology, and support for human talent to create an ecosystem of innovation that will bring about structural and transformative changes that will reshape the world and how it works. In Shenzhen, there are more major platform and service providers carrying out innovative developments. There is an open and efficient market that supports companies' innovative developments. There is a pool of skilled talent powering their innovative developments. Shenzhen is always advancing forward in its journey of innovation in order to unleash the full potential of its end-to-end innovative process and ecosystem, sustain the "Five Great Initiatives" of innovation, cultivate an advanced manufacturing cluster, and accelerate the creation of a prime estate for technological and industrial innovations that wield the power to shape the world.

  Wang Weizhong emphasized that all who arrive at Shenzhen is part of the Shenzhen family. Providing excellent civil services to Shenzhen residents is an important duty of both the party and the municipal government. Shenzhen has set aside 70% of its budget for public welfare for consecutive years in order to create a world-class residential environment that can meet its residents' aspirations for a great life. In Shenzhen, the level of educational opportunities has progressed swiftly from the provision of accessible schools to the provision of accessible and good schools. Basic healthcare treatment is readily accessible in one's residential district and advanced treatment for serious illnesses in the city while an unprecedented level of security for accommodation is seen as more are guaranteed a roof over their head. The city brims with culture and compassion, blue skies and greenery. It has become the norm to step out of one's doors right into a garden. Shenzhen shall focus on and spare no effort to achieve the seven indicators of public welfare. The city will continue to build high-quality and well-distributed public service systems, achieve a comprehensive and sustainable social security system, and set benchmarks for living standards and happiness.

  As a both project manager and campaigner for Shenzhen, Wang Weizhong hopes to show a fuller picture of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a modern city of miracles, of speedy success, and of constant change. It is a pilot city of the future. By learning more about and immersing themselves in Shenzhen, one will undoubtedly gain a deeper understanding of the city's charm, dynamism, vibrancy and innovation, and ultimately build a better and brighter future here. The city invites more businesses to choose, invest in and build their home in Shenzhen. For those companies already in Shenzhen, the city encourages them to locate more projects that would expand their capabilities and businesses in Shenzhen. It welcomes both overseas and domestic companies with plans for innovation, entrepreneurs with ideas and drive, investors, and innovators to establish their startups and businesses in Shenzhen. Shenzhen will work hand in hand with businesses as it leads the charge in a new era, onto a new journey, and greet the incoming 20th National Congress of the CCP with exemplary results.


  During the conference, Wang Weizhong and Qin Weizhong presented awards to outstanding registered enterprises, outstanding district for investment and promotion, multinational companies with Shenzhen headquarters, and Shenzhen investment consultants. They also witnessed the signing of 44 agreements for major projects.


  The Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone, the Dapeng New District, the ShenShan Special Cooperation Zone and other districts presented the results of their investment meetings. Several representatives in charge of international companies and organizations expressed their well wishes and blessings for Shenzhen via videos. Representatives from renowned companies, financial institutions, research institutes, professional service providers, foreign consulates in China, foreign trade associations as well as international organizations located in China were among some of the many who attended the conference. The city administration, Huang Min, Tao Yongxin, Zhang Ling, Zeng Pai, Yu Gang, Zheng Hongbo, Chen Qing and Wang Youpeng also attended the event.

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