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2023 The China GBA Time-honored Brands (Culture) Expo Press Conference Held


  2023 The China GBA Time-honored Brands (Culture) Expo Press Conference took place on the morning of November 27.

  The 2023 The China GBA Time-honored Brands (Culture) Expo will be held from December 16 to 18, 2023 at Hall 7 and Hall 8 of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian). Themed "Gathering Time-honored Brands for Better New Life", the Expo has two pavilions, namely the GBA Theme Pavilion and the Time-honored Brands Achievements Exhibition Pavilion, containing the Guangdong Zone, Hong Kong and Macao Zone, Local Time-honored Brand & Provincial and Municipal Delegation Zone, Shenzhen Zone, and Brand Service Provider Zone. Comprising one opening ceremony, one exhibition, one brand tour in the GBA, one Work Conference on High-quality Development of Time-honored Brands, and ten forums, it will gather representative organizations such as Chinese time-honored enterprises, local time-honored enterprises, well-known consumer brand enterprises at home and abroad, time-honored brand related service organizations, universities, research institutes, and think tanks. Time-honored brand companies in the GBA and across China such as Guangzhou Phar. Holdings, Luzhou Laojiao, Haitian Flavouring, Tao Tao Ju, Lee Kum Kee, Xinbaotang Dried Tangerine Peel, Pearl River Piano, FSL, Auratic, and Airland will participate in the Expo to present their craftsmanship and products.


  The Expo will, through a wide range of events such as product shows, achievement trading, high-end forums, and business tours, showcase the highlights and competitiveness of time-honored brands in the GBA, forge consensus on the high-quality development of time-honored brands, promote Hong Kong and Macao culture recognition, expand in-depth cooperation among cities, improve supply quality, increase consumer demand, and foster a healthy landscape of supply and demand at a higher level, thus bringing new opportunities to and injecting new impetus into the inheritance of time-honored brand craftsmanship, the high-quality development of time-honored brand economy and the international cooperation to "facilitate globalization of time-honored brands" and building a pattern of all-round opening-up to serve the high-quality economic development.

  The Expo aims to give full play to the active role of time-honored brands in restoring and expanding consumption and carrying forward and developing excellent traditional Chinese culture, create a display and innovation platform with international influence for time-honored brands, boost the opening-up of the GBA, deepen inter-regional exchanges and cooperation, and help time-honored brand companies show their charms to the world.

  Highlights of the Expo: First, enhancing brand awareness in a multi-faceted manner. With a focus on improvement and expansion of consumption, the Expo will focus on both supply and demand to accelerate the integration and development of online and offline consumption. In addition to product exhibitions, an array of sideline events will be held, including theme forums, promotion meetings, matchmaking meetings, catwalk shows, and business tours. Second, boosting industry development through expert insights. Ten theme forums on time-honored brands will take place, where over 20 entrepreneurs and industry experts will gather to share insights and discuss topics such as enhancing the protection of time-honored brands, improving the inheritance system of time-honored brands, stimulating the innovation vitality of time-honored brands, and fostering the development momentum of time-honored brands. Third, bolstering confidence and building consumption scenarios. Futian District has been accelerating efforts to become a core area of the international consumption hub this year, holding many consumer events to facilitate the development of time-honored enterprises. This has paved the way for the Expo to boost consumption.

  At the Q&A session, the attendees responded to journalists' inquiries about the development of time-honored brands in Guangdong Province, the considerations for locating the inaugural expo in Shenzhen, and Futian's actions to activate consumption potential at the turn of the year.

  The Expo will be held from December 16 to 18, 2023 at Hall 7 and Hall 8 of the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center (Futian). All industry participants are welcome to attend this annual gathering of time-honored brands to witness their new charms.

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