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Unit Name


 Administration Office


1. Responsible for the daily operation, covering the handling of official documents, meeting arrangement, confidentiality and archives administration;

2. Responsible for information, confidentiality, petition, emergency handling, security, disclosure of administrative information, press and publicity;

3. Responsible for the financial matter, informatization, internal audit of asset management among others.

 General Regulations Division (Fair Trade Division)


1. To compile and organize the implementation of business development strategy, medium and long term development plan and annual guidance plan; and to monitor and analyze macro operation of business;

2. To organize and study business development trends and major issues, formulate reform and innovation strategies as well as recommended policies in the commercial area;

3. Responsible for the drafting and auditing of comprehensive materials and external agreements;

4. To draft relevant local laws and regulations;

5. To carry out the legality check of regulatory documents;

6. To undertake the work of administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation;

7. To deal with foreign-related issues of intellectual property rights and trade disputes together with other functional departments;

8. To guide the investigation work related to import and export fair trade and industrial damage;

9. To organize and carry out the performance appraisal of the city's commercial system;

10. To take a lead in planning, supervising, evaluating the performance appraisal of various financial special funds under its centralized management.

 Market Circulation Division


1. Responsible for the commerce circulation management;

2. To take a lead in drafting and implementing policy measures that are aimed to improve and standardize commodity market system, and regulate market operation and the order of circulation;

3. To supervise the establishment of wholesale market planning and urban commercial network planning, as well as business system development;

4. To promote chain-store operations, commercial franchising and other modern circulation methods;

5. To formulate and implement development plans, policies and measures to facilitate the development of logistics industry;

6. To promote the circulation standardization;

7. To promote the development of commerce credit system;

8. To supervise and manage wholesale, retail, auction, leasing, automobile circulation and second-hand goods circulation in accordance with the law;

9. To formulate outline development plans and policies to facilitate the development of drug circulation;

10. To monitor and analyze the market operation situation, carry out forecast and early warning, and offer guidance by supplying correct information;

11. Responsible for creating and improving the market supply and emergency management mechanisms for daily necessities;

12. Responsible for the circulation of important production goods;

13. To speed up the development of recycling and utilization system for the renewable recources, and supervise and guide the recycling and utilization work on renewable recources.

 Foreign Trade Division (Import and Export Office of Electrical and Mechanical Products)


1. To formulate and implement foreign trade development outline plans, policies and measures;

2. To supervise and coordinate the development of foreign trade facilitation system, and to optimize foreign-trade friendly environment;

3. To take a lead in developing international trade single-window service and e-port;

4. To adjust commodity structure of foreign trade and facilitate the upgrade of foreign trade development mode;

5. Responsible for the monitoring and statistical analysis of foreign trade operation;

6. To coordinate and promote the innovative development of processing trade;

7. To supervise and promote the foreign trade brand building work;

8. To organize and implement the Catalog of Export Commodities;

9. To issue various types of import and export licenses based on the levels of authorization, and to undertake work associated with enterprises in obtaining the required qualification of the import and export of restricted commodities;

10. To organize and implement the import and export plans, import and export commodity quotas and tariff quota scheme in regarding to important industrial products, raw materials and important agricultural products (except for grain and cotton), and to ensure the commodity supply to Hong Kong and Macao with the agreed quotas.

11. To facilitate the trade of electromechanical and high-tech products;

12. To supervise and coordinate the international bidding work related to electromechanical products;

13. To regulate the export of dual-use items and technologies;

14. To deal with foreign trade disputes.

 Service Trade Division (Convention and Exhibition Management Division)


1. To formulate and implement outline development plans, polices and measures related to the facilitation of service trade, commercial service and outsourcing service;

2. Responsible for the management of the import and export of technologies and the software export;

3. Responsible for the import and export management, as well as statistical work in regarding to service trade;

4. To facilitate the development of outsourcing services;

5. Responsible for the management and other relevant work related to business services (including domestic service, catering and hotel industry);

6. To suggest policies and measures to facilitate the growth of SMEs in the business service sector;

7. To management convention and exhibition sector.


 E-commerce Division (Administrative Approval Division)


1. To formulate and implement e-commerce outline development plans, policies and measures in regarding to e-commerce development, and to promote e-commerce and its applications;

2. To facilitate the diversified development of online retails and e-commerce service businesses;

3. Responsible for the statistical analysis of cross-border e-commerce and e-commerce;

4. Responsible for the administrative service reform and the standardization of administration service items, and to deal with the administrative approval items, certificate issuing and service inquiry.

5. To take a lead in designing enterprise-oriented administrative service in the commercial area.

 Bonded Economy Division


1. Responsible for the coordination, planning and establishment application for the special customs surveillance area;

2. To formulate and implement outline development plan, policies and measures in regarding to the special customs surveillance area; and to promote the transformation and upgrade of bonded area;

3. To formulate the Industrial Development Guide Catalog under the special customs surveillance area, and to guide and supervise the operation of the special customs surveillance area;

4. Responsible for the preparation of a summary and performance evaluation of the special customs surveillance area;

5. To advance the work related to Pilot Free Trade Zone;

6. Responsible for the daily operation of the Office of the Administrative Committee of the Bonded Area.


 Foreign Capital Management Division


1. To formulate and implement the outline development plan, polices and measures related to foreign investment facilitation;

2. To formulate and implement the annual foreign investment guidance plan;

3. Responsible for the management and service provision associated with the establishment, change and follow-up formalities of a foreign-funded enterprise;

4. To supervise and manage activities related to foreign investment projects according to law;

5. To supervise and inspect the implementation of laws, regulations and contracts and articles of association by foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law, and coordinate the resolution of relevant issues;

6. To carry out the statistical work associated with foreign investment;

7. To carry out special policy related work in regarding to FDI.

 Investment Promotion Division


1. To formulate and implement outline plan, policies and measures associated with investment promotion;

2. To coordinate and supervise investment promotion work, to establish and improve the investment promotion mechanism;

3. To offer guidance to different districts, key zones and major industrial parks by carrying out investment promotion work;

4. Responsible the publicity and monitoring of investment environment;

5. To take a lead in foreign affairs

6. To take a lead in the establishment and management of global trading network;

7. To plan large-scale investment promotion activities in and out of China;

8. Responsible for the operation of international investment promotion platforms.


 Investment Promotion Division for Major Projects


1. To take a lead in the investment promotion of key projects related to emerging industries and other preferential industries;

2. To formulate and implement the investment promotion plans for major projects within the preferential industries;

3. To undertake and provide follow-up service to the investment promotion for major projects;

4. To design investment promotion activities for major projects.

 Foreign Cooperation Division


1. To coordinate the implementation of the “going global”stragety, formulate and implement plans, policies and regulations in regarding to international economic cooperation, as well as FDI plan and international marketing plan;

2. To manage, supervise and serve foreign investment, foreign contracted projects, foreign labor cooperation and other foreign economic cooperation business according to law;

3. To monitor and analyze the protection of the rights and interests of employees dispatched abroad and overseas employed personnel, and to analyze the operation of foreign economic cooperation, and to conduct relevant statistical work;

4. To offer guidance to the foreign aid projects, and supervise the smooth operation of foreign aid projects undertaken by the city; and to offer guidance to enterprises in dealing with emergency crisis abroad;

5. To take a lead in organizing exhibitions in foreign countries.

 Party Committee (Human Resources Division)

1. Responsible for the CPC Party-mass work, as well as cadre personnel, institution establishment, labor wages, education and training and retiree services;

2. Responsible for the talent team construction in the commercial service field.

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