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1. To   take charge of official documents and liaison affairs, conference affairs,   confidential affairs, archives and other routine operations.

2. To   take charge of tasks regarding information, confidentiality, public   complaints, emergency response, workplace safety, government affairs   transparency, publicity, supervision, etc.

3. To   take charge of tasks regarding finance, informatization, asset management,   etc.

General Regulations Division (Examination and Approval Service   Division)

1. To   make and organize the implementation of business development strategies,   medium- and long-term development plans and annual guiding plans, and monitor   and analyze macro business operations.

2. To   organize research on business development trends and major issues, and   produce suggestions on commerce-related reform and innovation and related   policies.

3. To   draft or review general documents and external agreements.

4. To   draft relevant local regulations and rules.

5. To   review the legality of normative documents.

6. To   take charge of administrative reviews and responses to administrative   proceedings.

7. To   work with relevant departments to handle foreign-related intellectual   property and trade disputes.

8. To   coordinate fair import and export trade, organize and coordinate trade   friction and dispute handling, trade remedies, etc.

9. To   guide fair import and export trade and industrial injury investigation.

10. To   organize the performance appraisals of the city's business system.

11. To   take the lead in carrying out the planning, supervision, review and   performance evaluation regarding special funds under centralized management.

12. To   develop standards for government service reform and administrative   examination and approval services, accept administrative examination and   approval requests, issue certificates and offer consulting services.

13. To   take charge of internal audit.

Circulation and Consumption Promotion Division

1. To   take charge of the development of the trade and circulation sectors.

2. To   take charge of consumption promotion, and formulate and implement consumption   promotion policies and measures.

3. To   offer guidance on wholesale market planning, urban commercial outlet   planning, and commercial system development.

4. To   promote modern circulation models such as chain operation and franchise   operation.

5. To   formulate and implement the development goals, plans and policies regarding   the logistics sector.

6. To   develop standards applying to the circulation sector.

7. To   monitor and analyze market operation status, perform relevant forecasting and   early warning, and provide relevant guidance.

Market Development Division

1. To   take the lead in formulating and implementing policies and measures for   improving and regulating the commodity market system as well as regulating   market operations and circulation order.

2. To   advance the development of a credit system for the commerce sector.

3. To   supervise and administer wholesale, retail, auction, leasing, automobile   circulation, used goods circulation and other industries in accordance with   the law.

4. To   formulate plans and policies for drug circulation development.

5. To   establish sound mechanisms for supply and emergency management of daily   necessities.

6. To   undertake tasks regarding production materials circulation.

7. To   promote the development of renewable resources recycling system, provide   guidance for and manage renewable resources recycling.

Foreign Trade Division (Office of Electromechanical Product Import and   Export)

1. To   formulate and implement foreign trade development goals, plans and policies;   offer guidance on and coordinate the development of the city's foreign trade   promotion system, and improve the environment for foreign trade development.

2. To   take the lead in coordinating the development of the "Single Window   System" and electronic ports for international trade.

3. To   adjust the commodity structure of foreign trade and promote the   transformation of the development models for foreign trade.

4. To   take charge of foreign trade operation monitoring and statistical analysis.

5. To   coordinate and facilitate the innovative development of processing trade.

6. To   guide, coordinate and promote the development of foreign trade brands.

7. To   organize the implementation of the catalog of import and export commodities.

8. To   issue import and export licenses as authorized, and undertake tasks related   to enterprises applying for import and export qualifications for restricted   commodities.

9. To   organize the implementation of the import and export plans for important   industrial products, raw materials and important agricultural products   (except grain and cotton), as well as the import and export commodity quotas   and tariff quota plans; coordinate and implement tasks regarding quota-based   commodities supplied to Hong Kong and Macao.

10. To   foster the trade of electromechanical and high-tech products.

11. To   supervise and coordinate international bidding of electromechanical products.

12. To   implement export controls on dual-use items and technologies.

13. To   coordinate and handle foreign-related trade disputes.

Trade in Services Division (Convention and Exhibition Management   Division)

1. To   formulate and implement goals, plans and policies regarding trade in   services, business services and service outsourcing.

2. To   manage technology import and export and software export.

3. To   take charge of the import and export management and statistics of trade in   services.

4. To   drive the development of the service outsourcing industry.

5. To   undertake tasks regarding the management and development of the commerce and   trade service industry (housekeeping, catering, accommodation, etc.).

6. To   offer policy recommendations on promoting the development of small and   medium-sized enterprises in commerce and trade.

7. To   manage the convention and exhibition industry.

E-commerce Division

1. To   formulate and implement goals, plans and policies regarding e-commerce   development, and facilitate e-commerce promotion and application.

2. To   facilitate the development of various forms of business such as online retail   and e-commerce services.

3. To   undertake tasks related to cross-border e-commerce.

4. To   carry out statistical analysis of e-commerce.

Bonded Economy Division

1. To   undertake tasks related to the coordination, planning and industrial park   applications in special customs supervision zones.

2. To   formulate and implement goals, plans and policies regarding the development   of special customs supervision zones, and drive the transformation and   upgrade of bonded zones.

3. To   formulate the catalog of industries in special customs supervision zones, and   provide guidance on the coordination and supervisory inspection of tasks of   special customs supervision zones.

4. To   summarize and evaluate the status of special customs supervision zones.

5. To   coordinate tasks related to pilot free trade zone development.

6. To   take charge of the routine affairs of the office of municipal administration   of bonded zone.

Major Project Investment Promotion Division

1. To coordinate tasks regarding investment promotion and tracking   services for key investment projects.

2. To formulate and implement goals, plans and policies regarding   investment promotion.

3. To coordinate and provide guidance on investment promotion and   establish robust investment promotion mechanisms.

4. To monitor business environment.

5. To guide all districts, key areas and key industrial parks in   carrying out investment promotion.

6. To take the lead in advancing the establishment and management of   global economic and trade network.

7. To plan large-scale domestic and foreign investment promotion   events.

8. To operate and manage international investment promotion platforms.

Foreign Investment Promotion Division

1. To   formulate and implement foreign trade development goals, plans and policies   for promoting foreign investment.

2. To   take charge of foreign investment promotion.

3. To   formulate and implement annual guiding plans for foreign investment.

4. To   undertake the establishment, change, subsequent management and services of   foreign-invested enterprises; supervise and manage events related to foreign   investment in accordance with law.

5. To   supervise and inspect foreign-invested enterprises' compliance with laws and   regulations, contracts and articles of association according to law and   coordinate the resolution of relevant issues.

6. To   take charge of the statistical analysis of foreign investment.

7. To   undertake the state's special policy-backed tasks regarding foreign direct investment.

Foreign Cooperation Division

1. To   organize and coordinate the implementation of "going global"   strategy, formulate and implement plans, policies, management measures,   foreign investment plans and international market development plans related   to foreign economic cooperation.

2. To   manage, supervise and serve foreign economic cooperation activities such as   foreign investment, foreign project contracting, and foreign labor service   cooperation according to law.

3. To   undertake tasks related to the protection of the rights and interests of   expatriate workers and workers employed overseas.

4. To   monitor and analyze the operation of foreign economic cooperation, and   undertake relevant statistical tasks.

5. To   offer guidance on foreign aid activities, and supervise and inspect the   implementation of the city's foreign aid programs.

6. To   offer enterprises guidance on preventing and responding to overseas   emergencies.

7. To   take the lead in organizing overseas expositions.

Institutional Party Committee (Human Resources Division)

1. To   take charge of the Party-masses work, and undertake the tasks regarding   cadres, institutional establishment, labor & salary, education &   training, and retired staff services.

2. To   take charge of team building in the commerce sector.

3. To   take the lead in handling foreign affairs.

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